Indonesian StuNed Scholar to Present Ideas at UN 70th Conference

Indonesian StuNed Scholar to Present Ideas at UN 70th Conference

Selamat kepada rekan kami yang kami banggakan, Mutiara Indriani, yang menjadi presenter dalam 70th Anniversary of the UN! Berikut artikel mengenai Mutiara yang dimuat di dalam Hague Project Peace and Justice, seperti yang dibagikan oleh  Mochammad Fadjar Wibowo.

Indonesian StuNed Scholar to Present Ideas at UN 70th Conference

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70th Anniversary of the UN in The Hague: Leiden University Student from Indonesia to Present Ideas Supporting Sustainable Development

“Development Aid, Partnership and Cultural Adaptation: Is the combination a way forward?” is the title of set of ideas presented by Mutiara Indriani, a Leiden University student and a recipient of StuNed scholarship from Indonesia, at a Workshop on Global Governance: Climate Change and other Inconvenient Truths on Friday October 23rd, 2015. The workshop would be taken place in Humanity House as a part of the United Nations’ 70th Anniversary Conference held at the Peace Palace, The Hague and organized by The Hague Peace and Justice Project in collaboration with the Leiden University.
Conveying ideas through an essay competition
In her presentation, Mutiara stressed that considering the potential, knowledge and culture of the locals to be the foundation for the implementation of a partnership or cooperation project is essential for the realization of sustainable development. Furthermore, Mutiara who is a student of Master of International Relations confirmed that this approach can support the continuity of cooperation between the state and other stakeholders to enable appropriate allocation of resources, prevent inefficiencies and improve the effectiveness of development projects.

Mutiara was selected to present her work after she included her research paper on a writing competition organized by Leiden University. She conducted the research during her internship at the Global Action Plan Headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. Her essay has impressed the judges thanks to an innovative approach and supported by well researched materials. Prior to study in Leiden, Mutiara (26 years) completed her studies at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan (2010) and worked for a year at the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta accordingly.

UN 70th Anniversary and Sustainable Development 2030

Coinciding with its 70th anniversary in August, the United Nations General Assembly adopts the 2030. Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 Goals and 159 Actions that are the result of diligent negotiation process among the UN Member States. For the successful realization of these goals, the Member States recognizes to engage non-state sectors such as NGOs, academics, businessmen, students, citizens and other organizations.

The Hague Municipality, The Hague Project Peace and Justice and the Leiden University
The Hague a home for the Peace Palace and the ICJ (International Court Justice) has a long reputation as the home for international peace and justice. On the UN’s 70th anniversary of The Municipality of The Hague with The Hague Project Peace and Justice and Leiden University organizes the UN @ 70 conference. The conference is expected to be start of an innovative pathways to produce contributions to Sustainable Development called “Hague Manifesto”. Through profitable workshops in which students, young professional and other experts from various walks of life enter into a dialogue, the ‘Hague Manifesto’ will contain concrete points of action to pursue on individual and institutional level.

The Hague Project Peace and Justice is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands with the Municipality of The Hague and over 160 organizations, including The Hague Academic Coalition and The Hague Institute for Global Justice. The project is an experienced multi-stakeholders platform and wishes to the successful execution of the Sustainable Development Goals. Peace, justice and law enforcement is 16th goal in Sustainable Development Goals. From a broader perspective peace and justice are crucial enablers for any form of development to be sustainable.

UN 70th Anniversary High Level Panel Debate at the Peace Palace
In addition to delivering presentation, Mutiara was also invited as participants at the UN 70th Anniversary High Level Panel Debate taken place at The Peace Palace presenting leading panellists who are also influential figures such as Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Female Javanese Surinamese descent), Dutch Swimmer, Winner of Olympic Gold), Ronny Abraham (President of International Court Justice), Miguel de Serpa Soares (Under Secretary General for Legal Affairs and UN Legal Counsel), Michel Solomon (UNHCR), Emmanuel Jal (musician from South Sudan). The event which was held at the Peace Palace was closed by a speech from the Mayor of The Hague, Jozias van Aartsen.
Role of Indonesian Youths and Scholars in Sustainable Development
When she was asked about the potential role of Indonesian youths and scholars in optimizing Sustainable Development in 2030, Mutiara who is a mother of a son conveyed, “Behaviour changes towards improvements in community level are very likely to be achieved when every member of the community felt involved and empowered”. This can be done by inviting the public to explore the potential that they have to face various challenges that exist in the vicinity. When mentioned about her motivation in taking her current field of study Mutiara who just turns from her three year of maternal leave replied, “I just want to be a window with a broad perspective for my children and their generation, helping them in recognizing the potential of themselves and their nation..”

Selamat Mutiara untuk prestasinya yang membanggakan!

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