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PPI Leiden akan mengadakan pemutaran film yang disertai dengan diskusi dengan judul “Alkinemokiye”. Menghadirkan Dandhy Laksono dan Aboepriadji Santoso sebagai keynote speaker. Acara ini akan diadakan pada:

Hari : Senin, 25 Februari 2013
Tempat : Lipsius Gebouw, Faculty of Humanities, Zaal 002

Bersama dengan pesan ini kami sertakan juga sinopsis singkat tentang film tersebut:

Dandhy Laksono’s ‘Alkinemokiye’ is a sample of how new media has been used to criticize a big corporation while the Indonesian mainstream media neglected this story. ‘Alkinemokiye’ is the story about the struggle of 8000 workers in the world’s largest gold and copper mine controlled by the US-based mining giant Freeport McMoRan in West Papua. Through this documentary we hear the voices of Freeport workers, as well as their fights for increased wages in what is believed to be the longest and most widely joined strike since Freeport began operations in Indonesia in 1967.

Most of the footage in the documentary came from the Freeport workers themselves, using simple gadgets to record everything inside Freeport site that could not be accessed by mainstream media journalists, because of its remote location as well as the tight security inside the site. Thus, this documentary was basically put together by the awareness of the workers to advocate their own cause as citizen journalists.

The documentary includes comprehensive history and background of Freeport operations in Indonesia, as well as insider footage. Not only the striking pictures and supporting data which successfully gathered by the director, the strength of this documentary is also relied on some in-depth interviews. We shall know not only from the workers, but also retirees who claimed to have been cheated by Freeport.

Summing up the story, from Alkinemokiye one can learn more than the striking event of Freeport workers only, but far beyond that. It is about appreciating human being, about hope but also justice. It is surviving after all.

PPI Leiden


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  1. Filmnya bagus dan sangat menginspirasi . . . .


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